Doc Are You Growing a Moustache This Year?

Doc are you growing a moustache this year?

Um, I haven’t really thought a lot about it this year – you know it’s been such a strange year – COVID and all that stuff

But Doc, haven’t you been doing it for a while now?

Yes it has been 13 years in a row, I guess I should try to keep up the tradition and at least make an effort. But it’s a lot of work, I’m just not sure if I can grow a mo this year

C’mon Doc, You Can Do It!

OK, I’ll try to use my old productivity trick to never ‘break the chain’ (this productivity hack has been credited to Jerry Seinfeld – it’s all over the internet – but he has denied this – so it’s not as cool, but what the heck, it’s still a useful tool)

I’ll get myself a calendar and mark a big red cross on each year I have completed the challenge (a chain of red crosses) and that way future me will feel bad when he looks at the calendar and it is missing this years cross. Guilt and disappointment are such powerful motivators lol

But Doc, what’s the point of growing a Mo if no-one can see your face?

Ah yes, you mean because I have to wear a face mask the whole time, both professionally and personally? I guess it’s just my family and my bubble person that will see it. Come to think of it, I have seen some cool looking transparent masks online but I’m just not sure how effective they are against COVID?

This year I’m also ramping it up to the next level. Not only am I growing a moustache but I’ll try to reach a Movember Move Goal. This involves me having to do a certain amount of exercise for the month – Yikes! This is a win-win as the exercise should boost my wellbeing AND I am permitted to remove my mask during exercise under the current COVID restrictions – so I can show off my new moustaches – Yay!

Jokes aside, raising funds for mental health and suicide prevention and also for testicular and prostate cancer research is the real reason for joining the Movember cause.

The Movember foundation has funded over 1,250 projects worldwide – projects link

If you are interested: Please donate to me – link Or, Join our team – link

I can’t wait to see your mo Doc (spoken rather unenthusiastically)


Tony Di Salvo

The Good Doctor Dentist

PS. The real real reason I take part in Movember is I truly believe it improves my appearance – although no-one else seems to agree

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