This is my take on the A-Z of dentistry.

Basically all you need to know about dentistry in a nutshell (or any other type of shell if you are allergic to nuts)

A is for – Are you really going to read this post all the way to the bottom?

B is for – Bleaching. Everybody wants it, everybody does it, almost everybody hates it

C is for – Covid-19. Is the reason why I’m at home writing this blog post rather than fixing teeth. I’m even starting to do some exercise, the poor dog doesn’t know what’s going on. “Come on, Chutney, another walk, come on”. lol

D is for – Dental Caries. That’s tooth decay! On the very first day of dental school there were blank faces all round when the lecturer asked us – except for that one guy

E is for – Extraction. If only you could package that feeling you get when its all over and done with, phew. (this is a dental extraction not the film with Chris Hemsworth, although some would say the feeling you get is the same lol)

F is for – Fluoride. It’s sooo good but so controversial. Scientifically proven to reduce tooth decay and it’s not the poison some say it is. I also like it because it’s hard to spell – fluoride not flouride

G is for – Gagging. This is definitely one of the most unpleasant experiences at the dentist – let us speak of this no further

H is for – Halitosis. That’s what bad breath is called, who knew? I think it’s named after someone called Hal, I believe he was quite a lonely chap

I is for – Instagram. I know it’s a thing, but I don’t quite get it, and I know that by the time I do get it everyone will have moved on to something else – here is our Insta link

J is for – Juicy Fruit. This chewing gum may quite possibly be responsible for more dental work than any other ‘food’ including Minties, although clustered breakfast muesli is catching up fast

K is for – Kardashians. They all have such great teeth and those selfies are outstanding!

L is for – Lying down. Getting a little bit of rest in the middle of the day may be one of the few good things about being in the dental chair. It’s not uncommon for people to actually fall asleep during dental treatment

M is for – Mr Bean at the dentist. The gift that keeps on giving. If you haven’t watched it, you don’t know what you’re missing! I like to spot all the errors in Infection Control but that’s just me lol (yes I know its only a TV show)

N is for – Nitrous Oxide. Great for nervous patients and for Saturday night parties (In the 1700s, of course – we certainly don’t do that sort of thing these days)

O is for – Orthodontics. This is where we move all your teeth around so you can look just like everybody else

P is for – Pain. Our aim is to stop your pain with as little pain as possible, however many people feel that we become dentists because we enjoy inflicting pain – we smile with you when you mention it, but inside we are crying

Q is for – Questions? Most commonly asked when your mouth is full of instruments and cotton rolls

R is for – Ridiculous. This is how you feel when you have a bib on, some dark sunglasses, and you’re all numb and can’t talk, or rinse, or eat, or whistle

S is for – Selfies. Is there an Instagram filter to make your teeth look whiter? (Of course there is, there must be, right?)

T is for – TL;DR. Too Long Didn’t Read – hopefully you’re still with us (thanks Dylan for educating your old man on internet jargon. Um, can you please explain ‘meme’ again?)

U is for – Uvula. That soft dangly thing at the back of your throat that you probably always thought were your tonsils

V is for – Virus. Fairly topical at the moment. We deal with viruses every day of our practicing careers – but this one is different.

W is for – Well… you’ve made it this far you may as well read to the end…

X is for – X-Ray. They help so much and they hurt so little. BTW one dental XRay has the equivalent radiation dose of two hours of background radiation, that’s not a lot.

Y is for – Yuck! Why does anaesthetic have to taste so awful? They put a man on the moon and they are currently flying a car to Mars, so why can’t they improve the taste of local anaesthetic?

Z is for – Zoom. One day we will be doing all our dentistry using this app, I wonder how I’ll use it to do a filling?


Tony Di Salvo

The Good Doctor Dentist

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  1. Yay!! The A-Z is done 👏👏👏
    I still think J is for Jingivitis is hilarious and should have made the cut

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