Do I Really Need To Floss Doc?

Do I really need to floss Doc?

Well, yes and no.


One of our Dental Hygienists is fond of saying “You only need to floss the teeth you want to keep!”

Lol, Ok. But Doc, my gums hurt and bleed every time I floss.

Yes, if your gums are inflamed they will be quite tender and swollen.

But it hurts Doc, it hurts.

Ok, let’s use an analogy, let’s imagine you want to do some exercise to improve your fitness.

I don’t exercise, Doc.

Um, Ok, lets say, someone else wants to get fit and goes for a long walk once a month, every month. You’d expect that other person to be quite sore after every workout.


But let’s say that other person went on a walk several times a week, on a consistent basis, the soreness they’d experience will be considerably less after each workout.

I guess.

Well, the same goes with flossing – the more you do it, the less it hurts and bleeds. The bleeding and pain is a sign of inflammation caused by bacteria, and once the bacteria are removed, your body will heal the inflamed areas.

Ok, so you’re saying I have to floss regularly to see the benefits?


But Doc, I don’t have time to floss.

Yes, I understand in todays busy world it’s difficult to find the time to floss. There are so many demands that modern living has placed on us. With all the worlds problems; Global Warming, Trump, The Price of Smashed Avos, Negative Interest Rates, The Obesity Epidemic, Bullying, FOMO, Property Prices, The Kardashians, Fake News, Facebook, Petrol Prices, etcetera, etcetera. Who has the time to floss?

Lol. Ok Doc, I’ll start flossing.


Tony Di Salvo

The Good Doctor Dentist

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